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Currently the commercial hub of Sri Lanka, Colombo was once just a small trading port. The Portuguese, the Dutch and then the British realized the importance of this small port and developed it. The canals were connected to the lakes and lagoons around Colombo, and the number of spice plantations was increased. As they developed the port, they also left behind reminders of their rule. Churches, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, and Mosques are all a reminder of the past and are part of the architectural heritage of Sri Lanka.


One of the most important and extensive of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities, Anuradhapura is still scattered with remnants of the ancient Sinhalese architecture and culture.

The traces of Buddhism flourishing are revealed by the presence of The Sacred Bo-Tree and old temples like the Thuprama Dagoba. The Sacred Bo-Tree is a tree of the same type under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. The Thuprama Dagoba is the oldest temple and enshrines Lord Buddha’s collar bone. The lake on the South eastern part of the city is as old as 11th century and is still in a good state. The remains of the vast tank, which was part of the irrigation system of the ancient city, indicates to their advancement in technology in that age itself.


Ratnapura is the city which has made Sri Lanka famous for Gems. 100 kms south east of Colombo, stands the ‘City of Gems’ or Ratnapura. Getangama, the Gem museum on the Pothgulvihara Mawatha exhibits a good collection of gems in addition to providing a wealth of information on mining and polishing. Ratnapura is also famous for being the best place to get a good view of the Adam’s Peak.

Adam's Peak

A cone shaped mountain with an altitude of 7353 feet, stands in Sri Lanka by the name of Adam’s Peak. Considered sacred by both Buddhists and Christians, this peak offers a fabulous view of sun sets and sunrise.
The Buddhists know this peak by the name of ‘Sri Pada’, due to their staunch belief that, Buddha left his footprints on the summit of this mountain. The peak was named “Adam’s Peak” by the Christians as they believed that Adam and Eve resided here.

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