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Nepal - Religion & Culture

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Culture is the main highlight of Nepal as it is very interesting and equally supported by a glorious history and Nepal Tourism provides you with everything you need to know about the culture and religion of this beautiful country. Delving into Nepali culture it is largely influenced by the cultures of Tibet, which borders to the north, and India, which borders to the south. This similarity is evidential from the fact that there are many similarities in clothing, language and food. Talking about a typical Nepali meal is dal-bhat - boiled lentils served with rice and vegetables, and some spicy relish. This tasty dish is consumed twice daily, once in the morning and again after sunset. And in between the meals there are various tasty snacks such as chiura (beaten rice) and tea. In the mountain region meat, eggs, and fish are eaten. Being the hilly region herein the diet tends to be richer in protein. Furthermore, Millet-based alcoholic drinks are popular, including chhaang and the distilled rakshi. If you travel and tour Nepal, never forget to have finger licking Nepali meal.

Getting deeper into traditional Nepali folklore, it retains a strong sway in society and its stories are extensively acted out in dance and music. The most famous here are the Newar people who are well acknowledged for their masked dance that tell stories of the gods and heroes. Talking about their music, it is percussion-based and sometimes with flutes or shawm accompanying the intense, nasal vocal lines. Herein the musical styles carry various varieties such as pop, religious and folk music, among other styles. The music genres from Tibet and India have also had a strong control on traditional Nepali music. The most surprising fact is that herein women even of the musician castes, are less likely than men to play music, apart from in precise situations, such as traditional all-female wedding parties.

Music is closely blended in the culture of Nepal and so too the musical instruments. The sarangi, a four-stringed, hand-carved instrument is generally played by peripatetic minstrels. Moreover, since the sixties, Nepali rock or rock music, sung to Nepali lyrics, is now fashionable among youth. Now you even get to hear Nepali rap and Nepali reggae, which has blossomed with the dawn of the music video industry. This rock and pop music has given birth to various heavy metal bands. Nepal Tourism gives you a feel of the various kinds of music played here too. Sports also play an important role in the culture of Nepal and Football is the most popular sport, followed by cricket and kabaddi. The Martyrs Memorial Football League is the national football championship. Development has been on the slow rate in Nepal this was evident from the fact that television was introduced in the 1980s. Soon this spread like a fire and currently there are four television broadcasting channels: Nepal Television - the national television channel; NTV 2 Metro - a city channel owned by the government; and two private channels - Kantipur Television and Image Channel.

Apart from that there is an array of other networks, particularly those that originate in India, which are available with the installation of increasingly popular satellite dishes, although lack of electrification makes this difficult. However, radio is listened to all through the kingdom and is still the most popular form of entertainment in Nepal; as of the year 2000, there were 12 radio stations. Come visit our Nepal tourism agent and learn more about this fantastic country.

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