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India - Music & Dance

India is the country having varied culture, religion and traditions but still binds the country together in some form of common identification. And it's the Indian music and dance which has played a remarkable role in this unification. India boasts the rich heritage of classical dance and music where body is used as a medium of communication, the expression of dance. It is the most intricate and developed art form which has given new looks to the music and dance. Each and every state of India has its own distinguish type of music and dance which is not only rich in culture but also rich in tradition. Majority of the Indian dace forms and music dates back to late centuries. And not to mention that music has played an important part in the Hindu religion.

According to some great musicians and historians, Indian music is known to be a mystical experience, analogous to yoga and thus, it should be understood in the context of Indian life and thought. In India there are various forms of music such as folk music, classical music, sufi, qawwali and gazal. All of them are important and have given the new meaning to Indian music and dance. But it's the folk music which heads the list as it is the true rhythm of India and also the music of the masses. India's diverse culture and varied traditions have given birth to endless varieties of folk styles and it has been blended in every event of life in such a way that whatever may be occasion music is there. Whether it is any festival, advent of the new season, birth of a child, or day-to-day affairs like teasing one's loved one, admiring nature, etc music is an indispensable component.

Apart from that music also plays an important role in functions like weddings, engagements, and births. In short there is a surfeit of songs for such occasions. The main highlight of Indian music and dance is that it touches the hearts of masses across the globe with its melodious rhythm and endless energy. On the other hand classical music also plays a vital role. Classical music stands on two fundamental elements that are raag and taal. Apart from that there are different forms of Hindustani music that are Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Tappa and Thumri. Hindustani music is the music primarily associated with North India, involving both Hindu and Muslim musicians.

As far as dance goes few popular and famous ones are Giddha and Garbha of Punjab, Bharata Natyam, of Tamil Nadu, Kathakali, and a well-developed dance-drama of Kerala, Odissi, an ambience of Orissa, and the Chhau dance of the eastern part of India. But it's the Indian folk dance which has captured maximum hearts. Indian folk dance is simple without being naïve. Its simplicity lie both intensity of conception and a directness of expression which are of great artistic value. Indian dance is the prime concept of portraying human emotions and is generally speaking foreign to folk dance and what is expressed is natural and original.

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