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Jog Falls
India - Karnataka

Karnataka is home to a fascinating legacy of richly carved temples, imposing mosques and trappings of a royal past. Being the tourist’s paradise, every tourist flock this beautiful city round the calendar and get the chance to enjoy its soothing and pleasant climate, mouthwatering cuisine, rich tradition and culture and old temples. Located in the south of India majority of the Indian travel companies and travel agents make sure that you pay your visit to this beautiful state. Bangalore being its capital city is known as a modern industrial city, a shopper’s paradise and a gracious legacy of the British. Herein you can find array of hotels and fine restaurants. Located close to the hilly city Mysore, Karnataka usually faces a pleasant weather and that’s the highlight of its.

Bangalore is famous as the city of gardens and also known as one of the most attractive cities in India with its beautiful parks avenues and impressive buildings. Apart from that Bangalore is also renowned for its industrial plants as for its silk saris, and for the sprawling Cubbon Park which lies at the heart of the city and not to forget its prestigious race course. After having a visual treat the net visit is scheduled to Mysore. Mysore is the capital of the erstwhile princely state and has a profusion of palaces and museums. Closely located is the Srirangapatnam, which is linked to the memory of one of the old state’s best known rulers – Tipu Sultan.

Few kilometers away is Somnathpur, a place having some of the magnificently carved temples. In between also lies Belur and Halebid, a place known for the perfection of finish, wealth of detail and sheer artistry. In short they are unrivaled specimens of the art of temple sculpture. Also there is Shravanbelgola, famous as the pinnacle of the sculptor’s art. It figures 120 meters tall and well carved out single piece of granite in 183 AD. Also these cities are famous for the Chennakesava Temple built in the Hoysala style.It took 103 years to complete this temple and the temple commemorates the victory of Hoysala over the Cholas in the great battle of Talakad. The temple is intricately carved with sculptures, friezes & pillars. Now reaching to Mysore there is Sravanabelgola, a 1000 year old colossal statue- 57 feet tall of the hermit Gomateswara. Also its excursions include Hampi, the glorious capital of mighty Vijayanagar Empire from the year 1336 to 1565. This terrain is dominated by rocky hills and the mighty Tungabhadra River which flows through this rugged landscape. And if you feel that this is enough from Karnataka then you are wrong as Travel With Us has more for you.

Few miles away there is Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park. Both the national parks are highlights of Karnataka. The important animals in the park are the tiger, elephant, gaur, leopard, chital, samber, etc. Birds like the pea fowl, partridge, quail, hornbill, Ibis, etc., are also found there. Apart from that their flora comprises of teak, rosewood, honne, mathi, bamboo, sandal trees. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that if you visit India and miss this beautiful southern state of India, your trip is not complete.

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