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Jammu & Kashmir Days : 7 days

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Rajasthan Days : 13 days

Delhi, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam.
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Special Winter Package Days : 10 days
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India Culture

India has a rich and a very diversified culture. Its history has played a very relevant role in developing its culture. The old testimonials, Puranas, Vedas are the relevant proof that even in the early days the country had a very well developed scientific, technical, aesthetical knowledge pool and with the passage of time we have added more and more to this already abundant reservoir of knowledge.

The various dance forms, music, art form, sculpture making, medicine and other diversified fields were existent in this land of mysteries since olden days and the knowledge was also put to great use. There were various shastras such as, arthshastra (Economics), bhugol (Geography) in fact Indians were the first to realize that the earth was in a spherical shape and that there were other planets as well in our solar system. This profound source of information had been documented as well and even today scholars from all over the world come to India to decipher the script and gain valuable knowledge from our manuscripts.

The science of designing robust and beautiful buildings is evident from the beautifully sculptured temples and caverns like Ajanta, Ellora.

Not only was there an abundance of knowledge in India but also various art forms wee given equal importance and the Indian classical dance styles and the Indian classical music are still famous all over the world and are holding their forte strong even with the advent of modernized dance and music forms.

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Adventures In India
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