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Bhutan - Trekking

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Whosoever visits the splendid Kingdom of Bhutan would love to go for trekking and Travel and Tourism Bhutan ensures that you do. It is said that trekking in Bhutan is different from anyplace else in the Himalayas. Out here, the walks are long and strenuous but they are complimented by crystal air, forlorn paths and views that flout description. The trails here lead one through alpine meadows, rhododendron forests, around the foothills of the snow peaked Himalayas, emerald green valleys and crystal lakes. While trekking in this beautiful country one gets the golden opportunity of see an extensive range of flora and fauna. The most astonishing fact is that while trekking in Bhutan one can travel for days without so much as seeing another person. During your trek you will be convoyed by a Bhutan tourism guide, a cook, porters and luggage animals. In this high altitude trekking, that is almost above 9,000 ft (3,000 m) - 18,000 ft (6,000 m), it is wise to ensure the safety and comfort of the trekkers. Bhutan tourism travel agents, therefore, advise trekkers to carry more than a day pack.

The main reason behind this is altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is a severe problem for trekkers in Bhutan and is not suggested for people who are not properly acclimatized or for those who suffer from high altitude sickness. Apart from that trekking permits are also required since the treks vary from short 3 day walks over relative low altitudes to over 3 week long trek that takes one through some of the highest passes in the kingdom. Each day in trekking is divided into fixed numbers of hours. A trekking day in Bhutan generally consists of five to seven hours of walking. And during that trekking, pack animals, ponies, and yaks for the higher altitude treks, are provided to porter provisions, baggage and equipment. Apart from that all the necessary camping and kitchen equipment is provided and included in the Bhutan trek cost.

Seeing the sudden demand in trekking in Bhutan and also measuring the risk involved, Travel and Tourism Bhutan ensures that Trek parties are escorted by a skilled guide, a cook, an assistant and pack animal. In all, one riding pony is always taken along just as a precautionary measure. Apart from that, the support crew walks ahead of the trekking party each day and pitches camp before the trekkers arrive. This makes sure that the way is safe and clean and when they reach there, they are welcomed with a warm cup of tea or coffee waiting in the dining tent. All the meals here are carefully planned and prepared and are also ensured that they are healthy too. Here Breakfast and dinner are served which is freshly prepared at camp and includes a choice of, at least, four dishes. During the day, a picnic lunch is served at a pleasant and scenic place. Moreover, all the cooking and cleaning chores are taken care of by the trek staff so that you can enjoy the trek fully.

Before trekking, Bhutan tourism agents alert the trekker that trekking is a physically demanding activity and if you are in good physical health, you will enjoy the trek a lot more. Thus, if you are visiting this beautiful scenic place, then don't ever miss the opportunity to trek and savor the feel of this lovely country. Please contact your Travel and Tourism Bhutan agent if you are adventurous and raring to go.

Packages and Booking  BOOK NOW

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