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Mountain Biking
Bhutan - Outdoor Sports

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Once you travel and tour Bhutan, you cannot resist the temptation of going for adventure sports. Bhutan houses and hosts an array of outdoor sports which pumps up your adrenaline and Bhutan tourism whets your appetite for adventures with its various adventure sports.  Few of the prominent ones are as follows:

Bhutan is dream come true for trekkers. Bhutan has more than a dozen trekking routes offering a wide range of unforgettable impressions and experiences. In Bhutan you get the choice of choosing a short but beautiful trek like the Druk Path or a challenging but extremely rewarding route like the Snowman. In all it provides unparalleled views, tranquil nature, backwoods and inimitable people that will stay engraved in your mind forever.

Rafting and Kayaking
After tasting the towering heights the next outdoor sport you can indulge in is river rafting and kayaking. This sport is still in its budding stages but Bhutan certainly has the potential for some of the best white water sports on earth. Bhutan's astonishing vegetation and wildlife along the rivers, house high boulders within the rivers make Rafting and Kayaking in Bhutan an overwhelming adventure.

If you think Bhutan is only good at providing trekking, then you are wrong. This marvelous country is also a subject of curiosity as a bicyclist in Bhutan. The Bhutanese school kids keep greeting you and wishing you a nice day wherever you appear with your bicycle. Also when cycling through Bhutan, you cross abundant ups and downs and at least five curves per kilometer. Most of the time, you find yourself almost alone as there is hardly any traffic. But it is wise for the cyclists to maintain an average cycling speed. To put it short, cycling in Bhutan is a true adventure of the Himalayas.

Mountain Biking
If you are more adventurous and are daring for more, then mountain biking is the sport that you should indulge in. It has been seen that only a couple of hundred mountain bikers have so far come to Bhutan, to bike up to lonely Chortens, picturesque Bhutanese villages or beautiful lakes. Since the foundation of the Bhutan Mountain Biking Club, new routes are being discovered every year and trails are increasingly being improved and signposted.

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