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Bhutan - Nature

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Although Bhutan is a small country, it has still much to showcase and Travel and Tourism Bhutan ensures that you get the best out of your trip to this fabulous country. Whether, they may pertain to its historical buildings, temples, monasteries or forests. As far as nature goes, Bhutan has a forest cover of 64.35 percent of its land area and not 72.5 percent as is projected. Sadly, the numbers are drastically depleting, as every year about 100,000 trees felled and about 1,000 acres of forest land are lost to development activities, mining, and forest fires. Due to these factors the actual tree-covered forest is gradually declining. This is a real sad situation for Bhutan, since this has caused this marvelous country to lose its natural nature and greenery. Looking at it from another angle, we could say that Bhutan is developing since mining activities are on the rise. As per the forest department, there are almost 50 applications seeking forestry clearance for mining.

According to the forest department of Bhutan, the country had lost about 2,737 acres of forest to development activities, about 975 acres to mining, stone and sand quarries and about 19 acres annually to forest fires. Also about 2.1 million cubic feet of timber annually, or about 100,000 trees, was used and 1.1 percent of the forest was considered degraded. This is the reason why various forestry officials and conservationists across the country presented studies, research findings on sustaining forest resources, enhancing the image of forestry, institutional strengthening and human resource development and on natural resource management.

Through Bhutan Tourism we get to know more about Bhutan's nature. Its forest are divided into the Alpine Zone (4000m and above) where there is no forest cover, the Temperate Zone falling between 2000 to 4000m with conifer or broadleaf forests, and the Subtropical Zone with Tropical or Subtropical vegetation from an elevation of 150m to 2000m. The prime forest forms include Fir Forests, Mixed Conifer Forest; Blue Pine Forest Chirpine Forest, Broadleaf mixed with Conifer, Upland Hardwood Forest, Lowland Hardwood Forest, and Tropical Lowland Forests. All these forests enhances the nature of Bhutan and also creates a soothing and pleasant atmosphere for the tourists. Furthermore, more than 60 percent of the endemic plant species of the Eastern Himalayas can be found within Bhutan. Of the 5,500 known species of vascular plants, 50 or more are endemic to Bhutan itself.

Even though a complete portrayal of Bhutanese flora is yet to be formulated, it is accepted that numerous species are highly valuable for their conservation properties. These include some for alkaloids and medicinal properties, some as wild gene pools for crop research, and those that are potential as horticultural crops. So get in touch with Bhutan Tourism travel agents for a journey through nature that you will never forget.

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